Thursday, August 9, 2012

Wings For Warrior .. body painting picture are HERE!

I finally got the body painting pictures I been waiting for and it is the event I did on August 3rd 2012 in Long Beach.

As the body painter in the event, I was in charge of painting wings or anything similar to the theme of "Wings For Warrior,"to the models.

Which I have been practicing!!!! on my cousins ... <3! (Thank You!)

Once I arrived to the site and organize my stuff ... and........  patiently waited for the first model  .. I then attack her with paint, and glitter!!!!!.(Hehe!) Everything was fine and was going to plan .. until four or five models came late and so at the end I had to rush!!! them out of my chair as soon as they arrived the models still needed their glamour makeup and hair-do. Having to rush I felt like I could not do my very best...but at the end of the day ... the models like the artwork .. which made me happy!!!..

So I thank my friend Julie for considered me into this event, as I learn soooooo much!!!!

This is my friend Julie, she is a model & a model manager..
(she also goes to Ruby's with me .. )

These are the models .. That I have attack with glitter lol!
(don't know all their names but they were pretty chill girls & won't mind working them again)

This is me!! Having fun!!!! With my artwork!! ... .. Lol u should of seen my station at the end.. It was full of glitter, & gold/silver metallic paint ..
.. ^_^

The company the was truly behind this .. Event was Fresh Peaches ...

Thanks Fresh Peaches!! ... And hopefully I can work with them again..

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