Thursday, August 9, 2012

Wings For Warrior .. body painting picture are HERE!

I finally got the body painting pictures I been waiting for and it is the event I did on August 3rd 2012 in Long Beach.

As the body painter in the event, I was in charge of painting wings or anything similar to the theme of "Wings For Warrior,"to the models.

Which I have been practicing!!!! on my cousins ... <3! (Thank You!)

Once I arrived to the site and organize my stuff ... and........  patiently waited for the first model  .. I then attack her with paint, and glitter!!!!!.(Hehe!) Everything was fine and was going to plan .. until four or five models came late and so at the end I had to rush!!! them out of my chair as soon as they arrived the models still needed their glamour makeup and hair-do. Having to rush I felt like I could not do my very best...but at the end of the day ... the models like the artwork .. which made me happy!!!..

So I thank my friend Julie for considered me into this event, as I learn soooooo much!!!!

This is my friend Julie, she is a model & a model manager..
(she also goes to Ruby's with me .. )

These are the models .. That I have attack with glitter lol!
(don't know all their names but they were pretty chill girls & won't mind working them again)

This is me!! Having fun!!!! With my artwork!! ... .. Lol u should of seen my station at the end.. It was full of glitter, & gold/silver metallic paint ..
.. ^_^

The company the was truly behind this .. Event was Fresh Peaches ...

Thanks Fresh Peaches!! ... And hopefully I can work with them again..

Thursday, August 2, 2012

MY FIRST MAKEUP GIG!! Woot woot!! I am so excited!

With the help of my friends Julie ... this Friday I am going to body paint, many models ... in Long Beach ..woot woot

This event is for the company, Wings For Warriors founded by Anthony Ameen, is a non-profit organization to support wounded veterans. For more information about the Long Beach event click here!!!. as it is open to the public. yay!

How did I get this gig...??
well .. it was because of these three picture below...

Each time I went to Lab Hours in my school... and kept on practicing ... and practicing .... every week.

My friend Julie recognize my work and told if I was interested to be a body painter whenever she hosts any events. So Heck YES! I was in, even so I was afraid and do not think I am ready but hey!... I am going to give it my best this friday and see if I am ready ... or not...

Those who go to Long Beach this friday, look for this logo as it will probably be on my models that I paint on.

P.S I am SUPER------Nervous-----
and will post picture of my work ... this weekend

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Got Crazed up! with these nails lol!! ....

Those who already follow me on Instagram or Tumblr ... have already seen these pictures ... but not all of them .. as I tend to do two different design on each hand when I am feeling rebellious.. lol

Right Hand: Went crazy with any polish I could find... & took off my frustration on these. 

Left Hand:

I did my flame nails...but unfortunately it was an epic fail for me.. as it came out toooo crappy, but I am not ashamed to show my failed work as I am eager to try it AGAIN!!!! until I am satisfied with my flames. And this is why I went crazy on my right hand

So enjoy my crazy artistic nails picture and my not so hot ... picture (flames).

Yes messy me......only if you could of seen my trash can lol

p.s I have exciting news!!!! will post tomorrow!!!!