Monday, October 15, 2012

IMATS International Makeup Artist Trade Show

I know I should of posted this IMATS post Months!! Ago .. But I just could not deal with this post as ... My ex .. Went w/ me to this event .. & looking at these pictures .. Brought some painful/happy memories .. But now I am strong enough to look at these pictures & share them .. To you all !!

One of the #1 things I look forward ..2 the IMATS .. Is their artwork !!! As it inspires me!!!! As a makeup artist!
Best Back makeup ever!!! lol

So original but creepy! !!!!

In real life .. she almost looks real..

Love body painting! 
I do not know his original name, but I do know his nickname Taco!! and I'm talking about the makeup artist not that creepy troll lol. But back to this Taco guy, let just say he is very talented and he is responsible for getting me to love Fix Makeup and kind of started a domino effect, when it comes to my makeup passion. I see him every time I go to his company store Cinema Secrets <3!
P.S Cinema Secret is the BEST! Fix Makeup store to go to.. seriously if I had the money I would buy SO MUCH!!! product in that store,instead of fancy shoes or purses.  

Another thing that I look Forward into the IMATS is the FREE DEMOS!! seriously!!  As I saw a guy transform into Professor  Snape from Harry Potter!

Professor Snape-ish (love H.P)

I also saw Queen of Blending (Lauren)

Talking about celebrities, I saw some you tuber in the IMATS!! : Petrilude & I think Philly Pa
(I dislike how I look ugh!)
Oh yeah do not forget all those discount deals in Makeup!!! I brought way too much!!! especially in

Wanted to touch them all!!!

 The IMATS in summer, was full of color, inspiration and great deals.
But do not worry as another IMATS is coming up pretty soon on January 18-20 2012. I might be there as I am still debating as I have to work and have a busy schedule. (Click HERE for more info for the IMATS) 
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