Sunday, November 20, 2011

Long Beach International Salon and Spa Expo (ISSE)

The West Coast’s largest, total beauty event covering hair, nails, makeup, skin care, wellness and massage is coming to Long Beach, January 28-30, 2012.  Presented by the Professional Beauty Association (PBA), the International Salon & Spa Expo Long Beach (ISSE Long Beach) is the place to discover the latest trends and products in the beauty industry.

Who can go: The show is for professionals. You must have a license (esthetician, cosmetology, etc), be an instructor, or in cosmetology school. You can also go if you can show a Makeup Artist Union Card, Temptu Pro Artist Card, MAC Pro Card, Smashbox Pro Card, Sally's Professional Card (red), Maly's Card (blue), CosmoProf Proclub Card, Student ID or letter from certified instructor on school letterhead, or letter from salon/spa owner on certified letterhead (including owner's business card). Make sure to check their site.

I am sad to say that my Raeshonda cannot go.. unless...??? ...(thinking)

Not to worry, I'm going to record amazing videos with some of the biggest names in the business and take lots of pictures, so that everyone can experience ISSE Long Beach.

Day and time of the Expo

Oh yeah location, long beach.

Ticket Price

For more information about the ISSE click here. 

Monday, November 7, 2011

OMG!!!!! I just meet JEN FRIEL!!!!

Jen Friel not only came over to my CSUF school, but to my ISDS class as, a one day professor.
She told the class, her life story and how she develop her own website called (Talk nerdy to me, which is now google 100,000 most visited website.
     I am honor to have meet Jen and embarrassed to say, that when I meet her I could barley speak, and mumble every other word, as I introduce myself to her. lol. Either way I got her autograph and a new friend, which is more than I can ask for. Thank you Jen Friel.

Megan, Jen and Jennifer (me).

If you want to know more about Jen Friel click HERE.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Henna Time

Henna Knowledge: For those who do not know what Henna is. 
Henna has been around since the Bronze Ages and it comes from a flower called Lawsonia Inermis. Henna is a natural temporary tattoo that stains the skin to reddish-brown, orange, or brown. If you ever decide to get a henna tattoo or buy some for yourself, remember that there is no such thing as Black Henna, without being natural or tampered with hair dye.

Jen's experience with Henna:
The first time that I encounter Henna was in the International Make-up Artist Trade Show (IMATS) and decided to buy one tube, to try it out. Next thing you know, I became addictive to Henna, and so I decided to do my research to find more henna. I was able to obtain more henna from, ebay, and city of Artesia. So far IMATS has been the best henna, and I do not remember the name of the distributor who sold it to me. So I will continue my search for the best henna.

When buying henna there is two popular choices:
1)    In powder form, where you can make your henna your way.
2)    Pre-made. (It looks like toothpaste in a tube)
-If you want more information about Henna click the hyperlink below.

Here is some of my artwork with Henna
This is fresh henna, just finish the application

When adding henna onto sole of your feet or  your palms, the henna turns to an orange color.