Sunday, November 13, 2011

Check out my first video from the Beauty Expo

One down and two more to go.


  1. Hey Raeshonda and Jennifer did you guys purchase anything from the beauty expo if so how cheap or expensive was it? i live in Chicago and i was just wondering.

  2. yes i bought the nail gel that is in the next video blog... it was a really reasonable price, it was 12 dollars and it was buy one get one free...

  3. Raeshonda and I actually brought a UV lamp which was $15, but she went to every other stand to compare prices, so shop wisely.
    I brought $1 glitter bottle
    -one shirt+3high lift color+bottle application+40developer+free China glaze polish= $10 which is very cheap.....

    Honestly lots of stuff was superrrrrrr cheap and some stuff were a bit expenses, but you have to look around and compare prices.
    (Also you gets lots of freeeee samples, especially if you spend lots of money.)