Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Got Crazed up! with these nails lol!! ....

Those who already follow me on Instagram or Tumblr ... have already seen these pictures ... but not all of them .. as I tend to do two different design on each hand when I am feeling rebellious.. lol

Right Hand: Went crazy with any polish I could find... & took off my frustration on these. 

Left Hand:

I did my flame nails...but unfortunately it was an epic fail for me.. as it came out toooo crappy, but I am not ashamed to show my failed work as I am eager to try it AGAIN!!!! until I am satisfied with my flames. And this is why I went crazy on my right hand

So enjoy my crazy artistic nails picture and my not so hot ... picture (flames).

Yes messy me......only if you could of seen my trash can lol

p.s I have exciting news!!!! will post tomorrow!!!!


  1. Looks like a mess :) Did you try to cover your fingers with tape? Love they white splatter design!

    1. Next time I will, but I heard .. hair oil .. works toooo

      Thanks JAmie