Thursday, August 2, 2012

MY FIRST MAKEUP GIG!! Woot woot!! I am so excited!

With the help of my friends Julie ... this Friday I am going to body paint, many models ... in Long Beach ..woot woot

This event is for the company, Wings For Warriors founded by Anthony Ameen, is a non-profit organization to support wounded veterans. For more information about the Long Beach event click here!!!. as it is open to the public. yay!

How did I get this gig...??
well .. it was because of these three picture below...

Each time I went to Lab Hours in my school... and kept on practicing ... and practicing .... every week.

My friend Julie recognize my work and told if I was interested to be a body painter whenever she hosts any events. So Heck YES! I was in, even so I was afraid and do not think I am ready but hey!... I am going to give it my best this friday and see if I am ready ... or not...

Those who go to Long Beach this friday, look for this logo as it will probably be on my models that I paint on.

P.S I am SUPER------Nervous-----
and will post picture of my work ... this weekend

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