Sunday, February 26, 2012

State Board Kit

Before getting my license from state board, I had to first purchase a state board kit. Which was $125, plus a study book called National and State Testing For Cosmetology that was $45.00. Even so I only open the first 10

The day I Pick up my kit, I decided to check it and take picture for anybody to replicate it, for school use.

Meaning you should only replicate it, if you're going to use it in school. Why???? Do I suggest this... because ..

1. If you replicate it, & forget something ... (you're chancing if you pass/fail stateboard)

2. If anything is un-sanitize in your kit, meaning it's dirty or it has hair Etc, you may be docked points, depending on your examiner.

3. Some kit company will give you free state board classes, as you buy a kit from them. (When I went to the classes I found them very useful towards stateboard news). Let's just say they were like TMZ, but for state board. They also give you guide lines in how to pass state board & helpful advice.
---They are the ones who told me about no more facials in stateboard and how starting in March-ish no more models are necessary for the state board exam, only a manikin, & a fake hand. (lucky!!).

The pictures, is a checklist I had to fill out before checking out my kit. (Ignore all my side notes etc)

Pictures from my kit

My disinfected open, for some odd reason.
Table Set-Up

Blood Spill

Blow Dry Styling
Hair cut: I recommend putting your own shears.
(I forgot to take a picture of my perm bag...sry bloggers)

Virgin Hair Lightening and Color Retouch: Don't forget about the P.D Test.

Virgin Relaxer and Relaxer REtouch

Virgin Relaxer and Relaxer Retouch

Manicure also include Acrylics


Manicure and tweezing, back look the same.

I wish everybody good luck for the state board test & if anybody has any question about anything, let me know ASAP since my brain is still fresh from state board.

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  1. I have a ? Does the test consist of like 35%40%chemistry 15%nails?or how so?😅