Monday, February 20, 2012

Last two weeks of Cometology School.

My last two weeks of school was bittersweet, because I was able to go night and day, meaning I had school at 8am in the morning till 2:30pm and went back again at 4:30pm till 10:00pm at night. In total of 60 hours of COSMETOLOGY school per week ah!!! (This included my weekend =[ )

Yet, it was one of the most memorable day of my cosmetology life, because I was able to learn whatever I desired, in the morning class all thanks to a passionate teacher, who not only love her profession, but her students as well.

Why was I so crazy going night and day?????

Well it probably because, if you put 25 girls in a single room for more than 1500 hours, their bound to be drama, especially if your in a cosmetology school. There was so much drama and backstabbing bitches that they drove away a teacher to retire/leave of absence. But when I look back at it now, I kind of laugh because lets just say that teacher is not only an ordinary teacher but Platform Artist in the real world. lol.
-I also wanted to graduate faster, because of some time conflict with my Fullerton school.

So the first week started and i'm glad that two of my closest cosmetology friends were able to join me Adrianna Alvadaro and Edwin Garcia. We originality from the night class and join the morning class for the last two weeks of my cosmetology school. Luckily we were able to stay at Ms.T class, were she let us decided what we wanted to learn etc. We then voted to learn up-dos since we were neglected in that subject from the night class.

Here are some of my up-dos work.

My first time doing a hair bow

On the left side of the bow, I used a hair net: to control the hair & shape it.

I tease & knotted my hair doll so that I'm able to do bee hive!

This is the bee hive!

So all these up-dos were accomplish in the first week of class.....


  1. Wow! Simply amazing!!!!! I follow you on twitter and finally got a chance to see your blog. I will going to cosmetology school is 39 days! I am excited, scared but most of all happy. Finally doing what I always wanted too!!!! Your such a inspiration! I hope to be able to make bows like that!!!!

  2. Congrtas!!! and wish the best in cosmo school....
    I know you'll do good and let me know your first day of school!...
    (So exited for you!!!)

    aw! thanks