Saturday, February 4, 2012

ISSE: International Salon and Spa Expo 2012

The ISSE was the GREATEST EXPO I have ever been, their was so much to do and many places I wanted to be. I had to pick and choose where I had to go and took many picture and videos, I will soon start editing and showing all the good stuff. For right now I have uploaded some pictures. Enjoy!

I came over to the Dinair booth and they just barley finish doing these beautiful hearts!!!!!  (I should of came sooner!)

These lips are georgeous and in the future will post the video.

Done by a student in Rubys' Makeup Academy

One of the things I like about the ISSE, is all their educational demos, like this one; Eyelash extension
and Minkys actually had a private classes during the ISSE.
Went to a class, and they demonstrated haircuts, and style.  

Martin Parson work. 


Yes, that is me and Martin Parson. He is famous for his artwork in Updo's.
(If anybody likes updos google his ass lol)
ISSE has many guest like Jessica Vartoughian, she is the maker of her own polish... Jessica.

Saw her in the press room with her body guard, didn't take picture, because she was relaxing and I wanted her to rest.

Nick Arroyo was on stage most of the time, cutting peoples hair, & his assistances cut my friend Mia hair on stage.

Of course a good hair show will always have some exotic hairstyles etc

Don't worry guys, my next post will probably be on the shopping!!!!


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