Thursday, July 5, 2012

Now I can slowly start blogging again, as Im climbing back from a break up of 4 1/2 year relationship

Its been 77 days from my last blog!!! post.

As many people do not know I currently broke up with my boyfriend that I have been with for almost five years!!! yes FIVE YEARS!!.. so besides me dealing with this.
And lots of other things like; finals, makeup school, work, Disneyworld trip, DRAMA!!! I MEAN!! LOTS OF DRAMA.. !!!

So much drama that I feel like someone is recording me and I could honestly end up in a NOVELA show!

But now that I'm slowly looking back, I'm like DANG!!! no one is going to believe my crazy story..especially if you know me from high school etc.

Do not worry as I'm climbing myself up from everything that has happen to me, & I can slowly start blogging and post thing!

The reason I decided not to post anything till now is because I was not emotional stable and I honestly would of regretted posting things, as I was too frustrated with my ex, and I was not myself... till now

So I give you a picture of my cousin lips, that I did.... and once again Batman returns or should I say Jennifetology returns lol!!!

Thank you to all my dedicated readers as I honestly probably lost lots of them, due to my emotional distress, but do not worry as I'm here and excited to post!!! so much!!!!!!!!!! even if they are late post I do not care!!!!!


  1. hello I'm Vendy, and I am your new follower.
    what do you think to follow each other?
    I adore your blog, I love your paint lips too

    1. You're young luckily, and yes, you'll see more ups and down regarding love along the way-it's normal. But do yourself a favour-don't ever let a man have such hold over your life like that again.

    2. Thank You Erin, as I'm trying my best to hold on ! .. It tough but I know in time any wound will heal...

    3. Will do Vendy! will check your out in a bit ..