Thursday, April 19, 2012

Green Glitter

Finally the sun is out as I check the weather all week and its going to be a week full of sunshine. So I might go outside and play some tennis or something, as today I decided to procastinate on my hw.. lol and have some fun. I will also update my cyber-life, so if you start seeing my page all retarded.. it just me trying to fix my page. 

As the sun is sunny, it made the grass greener and thats why I decided to paint my nails green.
P.S my sister dog Kisa wanted to be in the picture, you can see her in the background-ish.

I use all these three polish from right to left: on coat each except for the China Glaze. which I use 2 coat .(Do not forget your base coat!!!!!)

China Glaze: Mistletoe Kisses
Maybelline New York: Express Finish: Go Go Green
KleanColor: Neon Green

Love China Glaze and Express Finish. But the KleanColor, not so much, it seems like a water-down polish, but i'm still willing to try it again.

Enjoy my pixx and the weather as well, especially if you live in Cali!
If you do not live in Cali let me know where you are from and hows the weather?
(me=just being Curious)


  1. Very pretty! I'm really getting into green nail polish!

  2. Love your blog and all the pretty nails! New follower, please follow back, thanks!

  3. You have so many different things on your blog, I like it.
    I am a new follower, I hope you visit my blog too and if you like it you can follow.
    I have also followed you on Twitter.