Friday, March 23, 2012

Hunger Games nails : Effie

OMG!!! MOST INTENSE movie ever!
It kept me w/ million of butterflies in my tummy and sometimes with teary eyes.

Beside the movie being AWESOME!!! Effie makeup is extrabegant and I'm not surprise You tuber will try
to replicate it!!
All I can say its a MUST see movie and I honestly want to go again and sees it!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hunger Games: Effie Nails, when she first arrive on District 12. W/ a touch of glitter.

The first thing I did, is use AVON Mirror Shine. Color: Blaze C. (One Coat only)

Then w/ a sponge I apply OPI Bling Dynasty and on my free edge-ish. lol.

Then I added a bit of glitter.
Hopefully everyone has a chance to see Hunger Game, because it is
worth seeing it!!!!!


  1. Wow this is really pretty. Very unique. Great job doll.

  2. Lovely <3 the gold glitter is looking beautiful!!!

  3. yep... that is my fav!!!!
    love glittler

  4. That pink and gold is a great color combination! Great job! :D

    ~ Yun