Thursday, March 22, 2012

My last week of Cosmetology School

My last 7 days of cosmetology school was full of happiness & surprises

As you read before I went to school night & day. Starting from 8am till 2:30pm & going back at 4:30pm-10pm.
So cosmetology school was my life!

As Monday came my friend Edwin and I decided to make a wig, and donate it to Pomona Hospital

pretty good for my first wig.
The inside of the wig.
hahahah! Me wearing the wig, making sure we did not sow it too tight. (UGH! ignore my ugly uniform.)

After two days of wig making, I decided to bust out my henna, and deck out the freshman. lol.

This henna was done on my friend Gary, which I loved how he keep pushing me to do new henna ideas,
that I would never have though of. 
It actually started with an eye and soon enough it ended w/ the picture above. 
This henna was done on my wonderful teacher Ms.Tessera. <3!

This henna was done on my good friend Tiffany, (She's really good in bradding hair.)

A little crappy =/


This is the after look of Gary henna, and decided to put more details,
My peacock bird. 
Throughout the henna process, I was lucky to meet so many freshman and was a surprise to know they have the same problem as we do in the night class. Which then created a bond, and a little chisme here there lol.

As my last week was ending it was full of happiness, because I DID IT.... 1600hrs is about to complete on friday at 9:00pm. ....... to be continue. 


  1. Beauty school sounds so much fun! And that wig looks amazing!

  2. Thanks and it was.. (besides all the drama) lol

  3. I guess you are done by now. Congratulations for finishing your cosmetology school :)

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