Sunday, October 30, 2011

Getting ready for Halloween

Halloween is just couple of days away and Jen decided to become a cat for Halloween. 
So she decided to shop at five different location; Cinema secret, Target, Sephora, 99 Cent Store, and Fazmataz. Out of these five places Fazmataz was the best body paint makeup, because the colors that you see on the makeup pallets, is the color you actually get, when applied to the face. The application is easy and fast, you only need a brush and a cup of water to apply.

See the hyperlink below to learn more and purchase Fazmataz products.


Body paint from Fazmataz

Jen used a concealer brush and applied a bit of water

Then she slightly smeared the brush across two colors.

Ready for application.

Colors are accurate to the makeup cases.
Other Results

Thats Jen on the left side and her boyfriend on the right side.

Edwin as a pirate. lol